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How Soap Fauci™ Came To Be

I love a good pun. After our trip to Rome in 2016 and his visit to New York earlier that year, we saw signs of Pope Francis everywhere. We even got glimpses of him from our kitchen window when he visited the 911 Memorial. So the idea popped into my brain, and Soap Francis™ was created with the help of some talented friends. We had a great time getting the likeness of His Holiness, 3D printing models, making molds, and casting our first bars of soap. Choosing goat's milk soap, white color, and the Frankincense and Myrrh to proffer that old Church scent was all part of the fun. But this would only be the beginning.

Soap Francis™, as a product concept, was hard to beat. It set some high standards. A) Pope Francis was a rock star; everyone loved him. B) The punniness goes without saying, though only if you speak English. My Italian and Spanish friends didn't get the joke but overlooked that for their love of the Pope. C) Execution, as any entrepreneur knows, is just as important, if not more so, than the idea itself. Soap Francis™ excelled on all counts.

Then along comes Soap Fauci™. A rock star? Yes. A pun? Not so much. But as the title of a product, it is as good as one of the best titles I've ever heard -- "Legally Blond." In two words it tells you what the product is, what it is based on, and the customer is free to fill in the backstory. In this case, the COVID-19 pandemic and safety protocols were the inspiration for the tagline, "Wash Your Hands!" every bit as good as Soap Francis's "Faith, Soap and Charity."

So there it is -- how Soap Fauci™ came to be. While we're at it, let's give a shout-out to Dr. Anthony Fauci™, without whose wisdom and guidance we'd all be a whole lot worse off. Come to think of it, there is one other factoid that both the Pope and Dr. Fauci have in common. They both had a run-in with our last President. The Pope lived 5000 miles away, but Dr. Fauci dealt with 45 almost daily. Yet, he somehow managed to keep his cool and proved to all just how valuable his contribution was.

Cooper-Woods began in 2016 with Soap Francis™. Profits from every purchase go to House with Heart. Learn more about House with Heart at

*Soap Fauci is not endorsed by or associated with Dr. Fauci.


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Concept: Allen Lubow
Original Sculpture: Albie Weiss
3D Scanning: Exact Metrology
3D Artist: Ryan Kittleson
3D Printing: Shapeways
Package Design: Noleen Burke
Packaging: U.S. Box
Molds: Allen Lubow
Website: Dana Lubow


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